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It begins with self-awareness.

I help people find self-awareness, self-trust, and self-acceptance to release stagnancy and frustration so that they can live in their power with an open heart.

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Guidance Rooted in Experience

I've had some dark and difficult times in my life. I've played small, held onto my victim mentality, clung to my feelings of powerlessness, and then little by little, got tired of it all and began to change it. I learned how to reconstruct myself by healing trauma and limiting mindsets.

That's what I'm here to empower you to do.


How you think of yourself is important.

Do you find yourself stuck in loops of repeating patterns? Are you stuck and unable to achieve or be what you want?

It's likely that you have conditioning, emotions, trauma, and unhelpful mindsets in the way.

We often don't realize how our thoughts, narratives, and identities are causing us major problems in our relationships, our career, and our physical health. We pick up these unhelpful beliefs and mindsets from things we learn through trauma and conditioning: experiences we have in our families, schools, and communities that mold us. These mindsets have us believing things that keep us trapped in patterns, emotions, behaviors and life situations that don't feel healthy to us or that simply aren't working.

So how do you break free?

You heal trauma and find safety. You change your mindset to reach a new level of awareness and understanding. You talk with someone who can guide you to this awareness and to your truth. 

And what is the truth?

It's that you are inherently powerful, lovable, and capable of peace. It's just that something got in the way of you seeing that, and you can work to release it and begin anew.

Work With Me

Human Design
Chart Reading

Image by Ray Hennessy

Single Session

Your Human Design Chart is like your map, your permission slip, the place where your nature and nurture meet, as well as where spirituality meets your genetics. This session includes an overview of your chart, that will give you practical guidance as well as spiritual wisdom to contemplate. Human Design is here to help us decondition, unlearn, be our true selves, and embrace our gifts.

Open Processing

Palm Trees Beach View

2+ Sessions

Sometimes we just need to be heard, witnessed, understood, and receive a little bit of support and guidance. We're not meant to do life alone. Many of us need someone to help us reflect and process our thoughts and experiences. Open Processing sessions provide you a space to process openly and analyze yourself and situation, as well as to receive some reflection, gentle guidance, and no judgement from me.

1-on-1 Coaching

Cave Explorer

12 Sessions

This program is goal-oriented, but to move forward we must first go back. Trauma, fears, mindsets, emotional patterns and conditioned behaviors can keep us stuck or cause us problems. Coaching will guide you to seeing the roots and the solutions to whatever you're struggling with, and can help you build a bridge into the future you want. In 1-on-1 Coaching, we walk together towards what you want to feel, be, do, or achieve.

Are you considering Open Processing or Coaching and would like to chat first?

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"This reading with Cameron gave me the permission I didn't even know I needed. As an entrepreneur running her own business, self awareness is key. But, let's fact it, we all have blindspots. And we all need reminders of who we are. And how to get back home. And this reading with Cameron reminded me who I was and what I care about and what lessons I have still to learn. I'm so grateful that our paths crossed and am excited to continue to integrate my Human Design with my business and life. "

Erica Ballard

"A human design chart reading with Cameron gave me so much peace and permission in stepping forth as my authentic self. She is an incredibly gentle, compassionate being, who has a simply marvelous way of making you feel seen and understood. Human Design can be incredibly overwhelming when just starting to dip your toes into the understanding, and Cameron has a gift of presenting you all of these divine details about yourself in a way that is digestible and inspiring!"

Amanda Thomas

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