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Return to your true nature to live a joyful life of ease and purpose.


It's Time to Unlearn

When you're born you are the purest version of yourself. Then, all the stuff of life homogenizes you, molding you into something you are not. When you unlearn everything you've adopted from your experiences and conditioning, you live the life you were born to live. You thrive. Success, freedom, ease, and boundless joy are found in living an authentic life, and knowing yourself is the ticket.

Image by Joey Kyber

Human Design Approach

I believe that all the confusion, suffering, and mistrust that we experience with life is the result of our conditioning (a.k.a. "learned patterns" or "programming") and not living in alignment with who we were born to be. Human Design is a system rooted in evidence and ancient wisdom that is used to explain who you truly are- your gifts, your vulnerabilities, your wisdom, and your purpose. This is the most accurate way to know your true self. I work one-on-one and with groups using the Human Design System to help people know themselves so that they may manifest, make decisions, work together, and find happiness with greater ease.

"Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom."


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