Are you ready to un-become?

Uncover The Real You

When we are born we are the highest versions of ourselves. As we grow up, we learn behaviors and thoughts from our families, friends, schools, and communities. We learn what is acceptable, what is favorable, and what is not, so we model what is "good" so that we may fit in and be accepted by our communities. This is called "programming" or "conditioning," and it covers up our true nature. When we live from our conditioning, we live a life that is out of alignment with our true nature, and this causes pains in our relationships, careers, and view of ourselves. 

The act of deconditioning involves taking a look at our conditioning and slowly letting it go and correcting it. Deconditioning can feel scary and uncertain, but Human Design gives you a clear path to victory. It can be a very confusing and challenging process, and I've developed a system to easily guide you through it.

Within the self-help, spiritual growth, and personal development communities, the idea of "becoming" your highest self is pervasive. My perspective, and the lesson inherent in Human Design, is radically different. You don't need to become better, you need to un-become which will make you better. I work one-on-one with people to help them return to themselves in my deconditioning program.

This program will be available soon. I encourage you to get in touch if you are interested or have any questions about what I do.

Image by Martin Sanchez


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