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About Me and  The Work I Do

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I use a combination of my studies in Human Design, Neurolinguistic Programming, trauma and emotional work, plus my personal lived experience to work with clients and guide them into healthier, more helpful, and more truthful ways of seeing themselves so that they may live in greater alignment, self-worth, satisfaction, and achieve their goals.


It is my goal to empower you with the tools and the mindset reframes necessary to walk yourself into a place of greater alignment and success. My work always involves uncovering the genius, the truth, and the vitality that is inherent in you and your life.


My Story

I lived life trying to make other people happy and trying to keep myself from pain, so much so that I was not listening to my heart. I struggled with depression, anxiety, loneliness, addictions, toxic relationships, until in my mid-twenties I had a breaking point. Chronic illness arrived in my life, crumbling the identity I had been trying to hold up, and I had to take a hard look at myself, my lifestyle, and my truth. 


I know what it’s like to feel beaten down by life, forgotten, neglected, worthless, and lost.

I have picked myself up, experienced spiritual death and rebirth through health issues, painful break ups, major depression, the death of my son in utero, unhelpful mindsets, unpacking childhood trauma, and several other “failures.” I had to choose to get up, think differently, feel differently, act differently…reconstruct myself to begin again from a more authentic, grounded, and healthy place.


I have grown to be intimately familiar with and passionate about things like authenticity, alignment, mindset, perspective, and empowerment. I have seen the value of such things, having lived without them for so long. I climbed myself out of holes using these things, and now it’s my mission to help others find these things. Even as a child, when I was stressed or depressed, I knew that life was supposed to feel easier and more beautiful. That was something I could not shake. My whole life is about returning things to beauty and vitality by removing the beliefs and behaviors that got in the way of that. 


Today I live in a more consistent state of love, gratitude, alignment, joy, appreciation, and satisfaction. I know this is possible for you, too.

My Experience

I have been using Human Design as a tool to help people free themselves from unhelpful conditioning and mindsets since 2019. My teaching, coaching, and readings are rooted in a combination of my lived experiences, self-reflection and radical honesty, as well as my experience working with over 150 clients and participation in formal courses and trainings.

I have taken courses and trainings on the Human Design System, Neurolinguistic Programming, Astrology, and Life Coaching. I consider my experiences in my own life and in my client work as well as my innate perspective to be just as valuable, if not more so. I am an endless, life-long learner, and continue to deepen my research and perspectives all the time through study.


Who I Help

I work with people who are ready to be honest with themselves, look at themselves deeply, examine uncomfortable truths and take intimidating but necessary steps towards the life they want to live.

How I Do It

I gently guide people to analyze their past, mindsets and beliefs, while helping them reflect and empower themselves to take steps toward goals and healthier states of being. My strengths are correcting flawed logic, identifying emotional disturbance and root fears, and simplifying perspectives to shatter unhelpful mindsets.

Let's work together.

What's in It for You

You learn how to develop a greater sense of confidence in and compassion for yourself. You learn to see how you have so much power in who you are, how you feel, and what comes to you in life. You have the opportunity to gain mindsets and achieve emotional regulation that frees you and enables you to become and achieve what you want.

About: Services


“Cameron is powerfully wise, with incredible ability in deciphering your unique, spiritual blueprint. When she analyzed my human design chart, she was able to share my life themes, challenges, and strategies to help me live in my uniquely divine place. Her analysis on my energy and needs were spot on, in patterns and experiences that have been occurring in my life. Her knowledge and insight in all ideas spiritual are shared in a way that is comprehensible, and inspiring. My time with her was meaningful, and I feel ready to take on the embracement of my unique, internal power.”

-Rose Alexandra

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