Get to Know Cameron

I am a Human Design Specialist located in Indianapolis, Indiana. I love growing vegetables, singing loudly to my favorite songs, and going on bike rides. Time with my family and friends is very special to me, and I also thoroughly enjoy time alone with a book on psychology or Buddhism. 

I spent six years in a career that wasn't quite right. I struggled with illness and depression my whole life until I discovered that I was living a life that wasn't mine. Since realigning to my true nature and purpose, I have found such joy and success in working with others to help them learn who they really are and take their lives back.

My Human Design Chart shows that I am a Splenic 3/5 Projector. I am here to be of service to humanity by correcting the way that we think about things and the way that we use our energy. I was born with the gifts and strengths to help people cut through the noise and confusion and return to their true state.