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Depression and Human Design

Hi, everyone,


This time of year I tend to think about depression. That is quite different than what I would've said a few years ago, which would be, "This time of year I'm so depressed."


I used to be a "high functioning" depressed individual until the winter came along. During summers I was getting by with symptoms of depression that were really hard for me to recognize, but when the winters came the depression would consume me. I would function even more poorly and the depression was unmistakable. 


So when I think about depression this time of year, it's really different now. I think about the way I used to experience life (chronically depressed) and why, I think about the people who I love that still experience a fair amount of depression, I think about how to heal depression, and I think about what Human Design says about the matter.


I know what legitimate depression is because I lived in it for so long, and I sometimes see what might not actually be depression getting labeled as such. Many of us have the tendency to self-diagnose. Maybe we hear a friend talking about something they're going through or we see a "symptoms of anxiety" graphic on Facebook and a little bell rings in our head; "oh my gosh, that's it." And it may be. But there is danger in giving yourself a label, because that label can trap you longer than the true issue might. So there's one initial thought to consider.



It can be very hard or impossible in the midst of depression to look at yourself and your life in a way that brings you clarity, but sometimes depression can bring some much needed death and rebirth to your life. What needs to get out of the way and what needs to show up? What is trapped in you? This is much of what depression is. It is de-pressed energy. There is pressure within the human body that when blocked, stuck, or stalled will usually lead to depression. 


Maybe you have in your Human Design Chart the pressure to rise through the ranks, but something is in your way. Maybe you have the pressure to create something new, but something is stopping you. Maybe you have the pressure to overcome limitations, but you feel like you can't. This pressure in you that is building to be used will be de-pressed, inverting, and turning to rot within your energy. This is literally your life force being pressed down. I believe this is the main root of depression: not following our natural impulses and rhythms, for whatever reason. 


The global experience with Covid has brought a lot of depression. We can't connect with people the way we'd like, we can't work in the ways that we'd like...much of life is de-pressed, in a way. So we have to find other ways to get that built-in pressure out. How can you use that pressure to improve, change, mutate, and overcome what is right in front of you? 


Sometimes we need help from others before we can help ourselves. There is no shame at all in going to talk therapy or taking antidepressants. These things can help a lot, and they may be the first crucial step for anyone suffering deeply. In my experience, we can take that one step further. We can go to the root of the issue and learn about our needs in a way that prevents depression. Please seek professional help if you need it. Reach out to a friend if you need it. Asking for help or doing self-development work is never a sign of weakness. It's a sign of strength. This is the part of you that is refusing to give up. Feed that part!


Sending you all love.

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