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Generator "response" and excitement.



Lately I've been seeing the word "excitement" used a lot to describe a Generator's Sacral response, and I wanted to address why I see this as being confusing and problematic.


Excitement is something you feel when you're about to see someone you love dearly who you haven't seen in too long, or you're on your way to the first day of your dream job. Excitement is a heightened state of energetic joy, expectation, and/or general good feelings. This is energy that comes from the Solar Plexus, so it can be especially confusing for a Generator who is Emotionally Undefined (white Solar Plexus). Excitement is an emotion that comes from the Solar Plexus.




The Generator's Sacral center is about creativity, desire, reproduction, creation, work, and life force energy. When the Sacral Center says "yes" to something, it should NOT feel like excitement. It should feel like you're "lit up," like you're full of energy, or like you're being pulled towards the thing. 


Can you see the difference?


Excitement is a feeling which anyone with Emotional Authority (so anyone with a defined Solar Plexus) should take as their "yes." And if you do not have a defined Solar Plexus, you are meant to AVOID excited states to make decisions, because you are not designed to make decisions from your feelings. So, again, if you're a Generator, the Sacral yes isn't about excitement! It's about fuel, desire, creativity, and work energy.

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