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Find Balance using the Earth Elements

Today I wanted to share with you a framework for creating balance and harmony in your lifestyle that serves as a helpful reminder for me sometimes. 


Balance is something that I think many of us crave yet struggle to foster, and I think that can largely be due to the fact that we simply don't know what we need more of. Maybe we just see where we're stuck and can't see so easily where to go. Exploring the archetypes of the Earth Elements, the four elements that we find in astrology, can be a way to see what we need more of in our lives and move towards balance.




Below are some brief explanations on the elements as well as some questions to ask yourself that may help in discovering if you're in or out of balance. 



Themes: Emotions. Introspective time. Healing. Spirituality. 

Activities/Behaviors: Feel. Journal. Meditate. Take a bath. Drink water. Pray. Cry. Release. Cleanse. Accept. Surrender. Be reborn.

Questions: Do you fear that you don't know who you are? Do you feel out of touch with yourself or your feelings? Do you ever take quiet time to yourself? Are you connected to your heart and intuition? Are you drowning in how you feel? Where might you be resisting flow? How healthy is your spiritual life?



Themes: Practicality. Work. Labor. Achievement. Effort. Structure. Career. Resources.

Activities/Behaviors: Build. Set goals. Walk. Climb. Plan. Stabilize yourself. Support others. Commit. Get real. Grind. Earn.

Questions: Where are you putting off hard work? Do you not feel grounded? Do you feel useless or unsuccessful? Are you being too rigid or stubborn? Are you overworked? Do you have goals? Do you care for your body? Do you need a routine? 



Themes: Communication. Thinking. Logic. Whimsy. Adaptability.

Activities/Behaviors: Socialize. Change. Flex. Chat. Consider. Learn. Read. 

Questions: Do you need to explore ideas? Are you too "in your head"? Is being closed-minded causing you problems? Do you need clarity? How can you nurture your social life? Do you have something you need to say? Are you too fickle? Do you let yourself change your mind? 



Themes: Action. Passion. Enthusiasm. Play. Leadership.

Activities/Behaviors: Innovate. Celebrate. Create. Dance. Play music. Make love. Drink wine. Eat a good meal. Try something new. Get excited. Laugh. Cook.

Questions: Does life feel dull? Do you ever celebrate yourself? Where do you need to just go for it? Who needs your leadership? Where's the fun and adventure? Are you too impulsive? Are you too pushy? 

These elements are ARCHETYPES; a way to understand the human experience.


These elements can serve us over the course of our whole life, but in the day to day we can achieve a little more "success" by balancing them. Here are the activities that mostly make up my days as well as any elements that I may be using in the moment.



Drink water. (water)

Walk. (earth/fire/water)

Journal. (water)

Work sessions. (earth)

Chat with a loved one. (air)



Work. Sessions. Create. (earth/fire)

Errands. (earth)

Study. (air)



Socialize with my people. (air)

Cook. (fire)

Play music or games with family. (fire/air)

Connect with my partner. (water/fire)



What do YOUR days look like? Maybe you need just a little extra dose of some element to your routine or personality to get to feeling better about life. 

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