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Trauma Disguised as Personality

Many of us that are aware of our fears can talk crap about them. A lot of the crap talk is valid, but we need to remember that fear is biologically, literally human, and that we need to be gentle with ourselves.

And I'm here, as usual, to give it crap, but wanted to say that first.

Fear can create false personalities and identities for us. I know because I lived it.

So we need to cultivate our fearlessness. Our trust in others and the future. Our dreams, our self-awareness and self-love. 

Because usually, fear is running the show, dressed up as "this is who I am and what I want and how things will happen" to keep you safe in some way. Fear is there for a biological reason to keep you safe, but that biological reason isn't necessary in the way that it used to be.

And sometimes we feel the fear that's disguised. We get glimpses of it, but we don't want to feel it, face it, and so things don't change. We have behavioural, emotional, and personality pains and issues that we're trapped in. 

Self-awareness can be a simple or a complex task, depending on who you are or which part of the "self" we're talking about. But this can be the starting point to seeing the fears, the false personality, and looking at the deep truth and peace and love that is beneath the fear-led identity.

The main thing I want to encourage you to do is to look at it. Look at what feels scary, and see if you can soothe it, overcome it, understand it. Is it an unnecessary fear? Is it keeping you small? Did it keep you safe at some point? Did it construct a belief or identity that isn't working out for you anymore and causing trouble?

It's ok. It happens to all of us. Love yourself, dig deep, and walk in a new, authentic, and fearless direction.

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