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How do you Manifest?

Do you think about what you're manifesting and creating in life?

Here's a tip.

Human Design can be used as a tool for manifestation. Your Type, Strategy, and Authority, as well as you specific manifestation type, can be part of a framework to create and live a life that is in alignment for you. I would dare to say that for many, if not all of us, we live the life we need which isn't necessarily the life we want. And the Human Design chart can explain to us how that all happens.

Firstly, your Type, Strategy, and Authority will help you enter into situations correctly. Knowing these about your Human Design is the critical first step, and then we must begin to experiment with them. Implement this knowledge into our day-to-day. The things we enter into through Strategy and Authority can be situations that teach us things through hard lessons and/or things that fulfill us beyond our wildest dreams.

Then we also have the part of the chart that shows us whether we are Specific or Non-Specific manifestors.

When you look at your chart, check out the bottom arrow on the right. You'll see it circled in the chart above.

If this arrow points left, you are a Specific manifestor.
If this arrow points to the right, you are a Non-Specific manifestor.

You can see here, in my chart, I manifest in a Non-Specific way.

This means that to manifest, to create, to ask God, Source, The Universe, for what I want, I do this in a non-specific way. So, I put myself into the feelings, the frequency, the vague, general idea of what I want to create it. I let go of the visuals, the details, the specific hows and whats of what I may want, and just let life bring me what matches my feelings.

And I see this happen in my life, time and time again. It just doesn't work out if I'm too specific. It's like I'm ignored by life. Also, if I get too specific about what I think I want and then life doesn't bring me exactly that, then I risk feeling disappointed and frustrated. So non-specific is the way. Life surprises, delights, and thrills me this way. 

But if you're a Specific manifestor, you need to visualize, ask The Universe/God for the details you have in mind about the specific relationship, person, job, house, pet, outfit, salary, car, etc that you want. Write it down. Picture it. Pray for it. And be specific!

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