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Practical Manifestation

“A good listener is one who helps us overhear ourselves.”
- Yahia Lababidi

Manifestation in the real world.

Have you tried following a manifestation practice to achieve a dream and it didn't work? Have you been feeling lost on how to achieve what you want in life?

I've been there, too. 

Manifestation is the process by which an idea becomes a part of reality. When something is manifested it becomes visible, tangible. This is often called the Law of Attraction, and there is a whole culture of manifestation gurus and followers out there who are making some incorrect assumptions about what manifestation really is and how it works. 


*If you'd like to learn more about what manifestation is and is not, click here to download my free Practical Manifestation guide.*

Open Processing might be right for you if:

You're struggling to trust yourself.

You're having some emotional struggles that you need to unpack.

You're trying to better understand who you are.

You're trying to better understand something you've experienced.

You feel stuck.

You're trying to sort out trauma, conditioning, bad habits, past failures, etc.

You're on a journey and need someone to listen and reflect back to you.

You want someone to listen and witness where you are.

You're doing the work and need an objective, non-judgemental confidant who can share a little guidance if necessary.

You're working on your own re-alignment, and need help seeing yourself and walking in the direction of your truth and power.

Details about Open Processing

Sessions are 45 minutes long, conducted via online video call, and range from $88 - $111 based on your current financial needs.

After committing to a 2-session block, sessions are scheduled individually, and can be scheduled as frequently as needed. 

It is recommended to have a Human Design Chart Reading session before beginning Open Processing, though it is not necessary. Beginning with a Chart Reading or even simply sharing your Human Design Chart with me can greatly enhance the type of support I offer in Open Processing sessions, however not having this will not at all take away from the experience.

To begin sessions, click the button below to book your first session. The first session will be $111, and the following sessions will be scheduled and priced as you wish.

Image by Aleksandra Boguslawska

Would you like to get to know each other, first?

Or do you know you're ready?

Let’s Connect

Get in touch to ask questions, request info, sign up for my newsletter, or see if we're a good fit.

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"I had the opportunity to have my Human Design chart read by Cameron a few months ago. She gave me so much information on my design and it was extremely clearly delivered. Putting in paralell this reading with my actual life experience was very insightful. To clarify even more this knowledge, I then went into Open Processing Sessions. With her guidance, my awareness and alignment with my energies are growing. I feel more 'in control', more in purpose."

Emmanuelle Schwarz

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