Making Decisions in Stressful Times

Most of us are encouraged to make decisions using one thing: logic. We're taught to think through the details, weigh the pros and cons, and make a decision that "makes sense." Unfortunately, this is an outdated and inaccurate approach. This gets compounded by stressful situations in life. How can you trust what you're thinking when crisis, overwhelm, and fear cloud the mind?


Human Design shows us how each of us is actually designed to make decisions. In this workshop we'll discuss your unique Authority, how to tune into it, and how to distinguish it from the mind. 

To get a fully accurate description of yourself (or a friend or family member), please come with your chart which you can generate for free from using your birthdate, exact birth time and location (city and state). If you have questions regarding the information you needed or this workshop in general, please Contact Us.

April 26, 2:00 pm EST Virtual Workshop

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