To Routine or Not To Routine

A routine actually isn't for everyone. Do you know what's best for you? The answer is in your Human Design.

This workshop addresses the four different combinations of routine and discipline presented in the Human Design system and how to use your combination best with your energy type, specifically in new or chaotic circumstances like those we find ourselves in currently.  You'll learn if it's best for you to keep a regular routine or if you find more ease by allowing each day to look different according to your moods and needs. Couple this with the discovery of whether or not it's innately easy for you to discipline yourself and you'll have a new permission slip to operate as you're ideally meant to in the world. 

To get a fully accurate description of yourself (or a friend or family member), please come with your chart which you can generate for free from using your birthdate, exact birth time and location (city and state). If you have questions regarding the information you needed or this workshop in general, please Contact Us.

April 19, 2:00 pm EST Virtual Workshop

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