How I Take Care of Myself as a Projector

As a Human Design Projector, I don’t have consistent energy, and I’m a very sensitive person. Seems like I’m living in the wrong world, right?

Our society and our conditioning is so “go, go, go!” “Hustle!” “You have to stay up late and wake up early to achieve your dreams!” Those mantras are pretty toxic for everyone, but especially people who were born with inconsistent energy like Projectors.

And in a world of trauma, pain, and unhealthy energy, I feel it so deeply and absorb it.

So how do I take care of myself?

It’s a lot of little things that make a big difference.

I don’t force myself to “keep up” or do what everyone else is doing.

When it comes to social time, I put a cap on everything. Projectors have undefined Sacrals (hence the inconsistent energy) and this also makes it hard for us to know when “enough is enough.” It’s easy to overeat, it’s easy to stay up way too late, it’s easy to drink too much. So I make sure that I watch my behaviors and my feelings. I check in with myself and remind myself that if I’m wanting to eat more or if I keep saying yes to another board game when I’m actually tired, then I’m feeding off energy that actually isn’t mine. I’m overdoing it. I gently remind myself that I’m designed differently than others and say “no thank you.”

I eat in a way that supports my system.

I eat like a bird, some would say. I eat a bit of food every hour or two. My meals aren’t large, and there is no oil or heavy food before midday. I let my meals get heavier as the day goes on. As a Projector, I’m a very light being that can get weighed down by heavy foods. As the day goes on, the food will get heavier to help me wind down and get ready for sleep.

I spend a lot of time alone.

Because the Projector aura is absorbing - it actually absorbs the auras and energies of others - it’s easy for me feel others, see them, and morph into them in some ways. When I’m alone, I am in my own energy and have the ability to release the feelings, thoughts, and desires of others and return home. Return to me.

I prioritize rest.

Sleep is so important for a Projector. 8 hours of sleep? Yeah, that works for most of the world. Ideally, Projectors get 9 or 10 hours of sleep a night AND taking naps. We have inconsistent energy, and this is a big way for us to support ourselves.


And on that note, I don’t drink caffeine, either. Projectors have sensitive constitutions, and caffeine is harmful. Instead of using a drug to force myself through a time when my energy has gone, I have boundaries around my energy. I take breaks.

So much of this is having awareness of when you’re doing something you learned or something that is just your Projector self out of whack. Just notice it, be gentle with yourself, and redirect or remind yourself to notice and correct it next time.

There is a lot of unlearning that comes with caring for yourself as a Projector. For me, it’s been some trial and error to learn what supports me, makes me feel alert and healthy. And I’m still learning.

Are you a Projector and what have you learned about caring for yourself?

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