Logic vs. Faith

Oftentimes we get stuck in very black and white thinking. This or that. It's one way and never both. Maybe the biggest example of this is in the science vs. faith argument. The Human Design System shows us clearly how we CAN be both and do have the potential for both within us. It's just that our conditioning has favored and fostered one of them while completely denying the other. Within the chart, we all have everything, it's just that certain things are "turned on" and consistently us. Within all of us, there is energy for facts, experimenting, and proving, as well as sensing, inner knowing/belief, and abstract thinking. I'll use my dad's chart as an example. My dad is a physician and has a strong faith. He has several gates that are considered "abstract." These are the sensing/belief gates, essentially. And he has one single "logical" gate (activated twice) that is a rather prominent activation, showing us that this particular logical energy is essentially his teacher in life.

So, you can see right there. My dad is both. He's a scientist AND capable of belief. And so am I. And so are you. It's ok to be logical and "just believe" some things. We are all far more than just black or white.

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