Stating What You're Good at is Not Conceited

You've almost certainly learned that the things you're naturally good at aren't that special or helpful. Or that they just aren't real and you're wrong about what you think you're good at. Especially if the things you're good at aren't making you money, then the world isn't likely to care. And even when you're naturally good at things, you're not allowed to state them, are you? You need to be humble, or even more, talk poorly about yourself to seem normal and fit in.

But the truth remains that you ARE naturally good at things. And those things DO REALLY MATTER. And me, I don't see the problem with stating them as fact. I've observed that it's more socially acceptable for men to talk about what they're good at, so they do it a little more. So, ladies, this is mostly for you. OWN what you're good at. No one gave that to you. No one taught you that. Take credit for it. Take up space. Take that power back as your own.

Human Design shows us clearly what we're naturally good at. Lean on Human Design if you're so lost and conditioned by the world that you don't know yourself and your gifts. This is where are Human Design Chart reading can completely turn things around for you. It's a wake up call to your power and potential. You can see exactly where the world tried to squash you.

I want us to talk about our strengths more frequently and openly. Like it's normal. Because, truly, it is. We are all naturally good at some things.

Wouldn't it be nice to say out loud what you're good at? Wouldn't it be nice to live in a world where instead of asking, "What do you do for work" when you're meeting new people, we would ask, "What are you naturally good at?" And you could respond with something like, "I'm good at introducing people to what's new and innovative, pulling myself back up when things get tough, and seeing what's about to happen before it actually does."

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