Your Undefined Throat is Not a Weakness

There is a lot of conditioning in the world around how we communicate.

We "need" to talk about or feelings, share our thoughts, say what we want, be good at debating our opinions or perspective, and talk about who we are. All of these things are pushed on us from an early age. We put a lot of value on talking and communicating.

But some people are designed to not necessarily speak for themselves.


I know, this might sound crazy.

But in Human Design, the Throat Center is all about communication, and not everyone has that center defined (colored in). That means that in some people - the people for whom the Throat Center is undefined (white) - communication energy comes and goes.

People with Undefined Throats often struggle with being heard by others, with sharing their feelings, sharing their thoughts, and can often talk too much not knowing when to stop. They can struggle to defend themselves in arguments or clearly share what they know. The communication energy is just inconsistent.

What this suggests is that if you have an Undefined Throat, maybe you don't need to speak about yourself to fulfill your purpose. And that's kind of amazing, right?

Maybe to fulfill your purpose, all you have to do is CREATE. DO the thing. BE yourself. EMBODY your truth. Speak in other ways.

And this design of having an Undefined Throat also suggests that you'll do an excellent job at speaking up for others. Maybe you're designed to be an advocate for the needs of other people. You have the great gift of being a voice for others who don't have one.

There can be a lot of pain in not feeling heard or in being judged for what is perceived as "poor communication skills." Unlearning this and beginning to recognize yourself as being designed with inconsistent communication energy is certainly a journey.

You can teach others so much about HOW to communicate and WHAT to communicate. You can be a communication chameleon! You have that potential.

You were designed this way with a purpose. You were given exactly what you need.