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Human Design Chart Readings

"Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom."
- Aristotle

"The missing piece."

Many people who find Human Design consider it to be the missing link in all areas of life: relationships, work, health, etc. Most advice given is "one-size fits all." We hire business or fitness coaches who give us the same advice that they give all their other clients, and we feel that some of it just isn't quite right for us. Sometimes something feels off or we don't have success with being and doing like "everyone else."

Human Design shows us how we are all different, in ways that maybe we couldn't even imagine before. The Human Design System, also called "The Science of Differentiation," is at the intersection of Science and Spirituality, showing us deep insights into what it means to be human, what it means to be unique, and giving us practical guidance for how to navigate life. 

In these Human Design Chart sessions, your exact birth time, date, and location are used to generate a chart that is like the map of your human experience. The chart shows the ways in which you'll experience certain aspects of life, and these are the things we'll discuss in the reading. Topics such as manifestation, emotion, decision-making, conditioning, mindset, intuition, focus, career, and relationships, and learning are often touched on. You can bring any questions you may have into the session.

Many clients express feeling relief, clarity, freedom, and empowerment after a Chart Reading. This session can be a giant permission slip to be yourself, or it can be the ticket to seeing yourself for perhaps the first time.


In addition to these 1-on-1 Zoom call readings, I also offer recorded audio readings that are 40-50 minutes in length for a lower fee of $107. If you would like to order one of these for yourself or someone else as a gift, please send an email to


This chart reading combines two charts, you and someone else, to look at the experiences of the relationship for greater awareness, healing, acceptance, love, whatever is needed. These readings are also 1 hour via Zoom, and can be booked with the "book now" button below.


"I so appreciated Cameron's reading of my Human Design chart. I have always been told that my reactions to events or circumstances were too emotional - I received lots of "you're too this" or  "you're too that," growing up.  Her reading gave me the permission to understand that this is just the way I am built and let me finally honor my way of perceiving of the world as true and RIGHT for me. She has given me a framework on how to manifest the life I am calling in, tailored specifically to my spiritual chemistry. Thank you Cameron - you're doing great work!"

Catherine Harmon

"No other system (Enneagram, numerology, Myers Briggs, Chinese Elemental, Ayurveda, etc) has been as clarifying and enlightening as my experience with Human Design. I received a reading from the brilliant Cameron Coots this past week and have felt an enormous sense of understanding about myself, my natural flow of energy and the way I relate to others and reality. Human design gives you a blueprint of your energetic self that includes all aspects of your being, the ideal way of being your true self, unconscious elements that seep into reality. Purpose. Vision. Recurrent themes. Subtle details. Alignment. SO much more than I can begin to describe...brought to the forefront.

Since listening to my human design chart on headphones at least 5 times in the last week I learned so much about myself. My big energetic effect, my gifts, areas where I can get out of whack. My potential in various aspects of life. Areas to pay attention to.. Most importantly, I've seen how everything that I've fought about myself, my entire life, is actually intrinsic to myself as an energetic being. Truly enlightening."

Heather Kouros

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