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Need to get your chart first? 
Magnified Grass


"This reading with Cameron gave me the permission I didn't even know I needed. As an entrepreneur running her own business, self awareness is key. But, let's face it, we all have blindspots. And we all need reminders of who we are. And how to get back home. And this reading with Cameron reminded me who I was and what I care about and what lessons I have still to learn. I'm so grateful that our paths crossed and am excited to continue to integrate my Human Design with my business and life."

Erica Ballard

"A human design chart reading with Cameron gave me so much peace and permission in stepping forth as my authentic self. She is an incredibly gentle, compassionate being, who has a simply marvelous way of making you feel seen and understood. Human Design can be incredibly overwhelming when just starting to dip your toes into the understanding, and Cameron has a gift of presenting you all of these divine details about yourself in a way that is digestible and inspiring!"

Amanda Thomas