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Human Design in Quarantine

2020 certainly has started with a bang! Did you feel ready for it? Were you comfortable enough with yourself and your life to adapt to this ever-changing way of living easily, or did it take the wind out of your sails?


Dealing with unexpected events isn’t anyone’s favorite past time, to be certain, but people who have a deep understanding of themselves and their role in the world tend to fair better when life throws them for a loop than those who are disconnected from themselves and their purpose.


This three part workshop series is an invitation for you to explore the terrain of who you truly are on a soul level. Human Design provides us a map that shows us all of our gifts and strengths that are naturally ours to utilize in this lifetime. This map can then guide us through all of the phases of life - happy or sad, worrisome or ease-filled, young or old.


In this series, you will learn about your energy type and how you’re meant to interact with people, ideas and life itself. We’ll also fill you in on how you’re meant to make decisions, by introducing you to your authority AKA the captain of your ship. Other topics include how your personality archetypes (Profile) can be best utilized when dealing with anxiety and fear, as well as how to structured and strategic you’re meant to be in life.


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